Other Services We Recommend

Working with businesses that understand the cannabis industry is our top priority. We have built great relationships with the following companies that have helped our clients with other business needs. Please let us know if you would like an introduction to one of these service providers.  


The All in One Workforce Management. Wurk has created an intuitive platform to manage payroll, HR, timekeeping, scheduling and tax compliance. It's one simple system to streamline operations and minimize compliance risk in a changing regulatory environment.


We have partnered with Complete Controller, a full service bookkeeping company working with the cannabis industry.  You can rely on their expertise in preparing accurate, timely financials for your business. 


  • A dedicated bookkeeper to get the job done so you don’t have to.

  • A controller to review the work each period and help with complex accounting treatments.

  • Paperless financial document management to keep you audit ready.

  • Secure anytime anywhere access to books and records on a private cloud.

  • Full financial report package compiled and distributed within 15 days of period closing.

  • Integration with your payroll, point of sale, and other business support services.

Click here for pricing information.


Tired of re-writing trainings, tracking down safety documents, and trying to keep up with OSHA law? Look no further – GotSafety.com can provide you with all the assistance you need to easily stay OSHA compliant.

MJ Risk Management clients have access to over 500 safety lessons and documentation specific to your state of operations. Each client will have their own website portal to help manage their safety program.